Facilities and Activities

Sport Simulators

This is the “something for everyone” activity. These sport simulators are full blown golf simulators….minus the golf. You and your child can play a friendly match together and/or be competitive. This activity is PAY FOR PLAY by the half hour. Please see the admissions link.
Sports and games that are available for play are:
Rally Baseball, Pitching
Soccer, Footgolf (golf with a soccer ball
Hockey, Basketball
Football, Disc Golf
Bowling, Zombie Dodgeball
Wildwest Shooting

Sport Simulator Rental
Thunder Room (Mon-Thurs)

Sport Simulator $15 / 30 minutes

Thunder Room (Fri-Sun)

Sport Simulator $20 / 30 minutes

Lightning Room (Mon-Thurs)

Sport Simulator $15 / 30 minutes

Lightning Room (Fri-Sun)

Sport Simulator $20 / 30 minutes

Hourly Drop-In Childcare

The hours available for drop-in are:

Mon to Sat: 10 am-5 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

1 child $14.00 per hour
2 children $12.50 per hour, per child
3 or more $11.00 per hour, per child

Ages for drop-in: 2-10 years old. it is preferable if your child is currently potty learning so our center doesn’t need to be concerned with diapering.

This service is temporary childcare. We are not a licensed childcare facility, but we do have the dedicated staff for this service.
Included with the hourly rate:

  • Daily playcenter pass ($10 value), playcenter pass can be used for additional hours if parent attends the facility at pick-up, same day only.
  • Snack/Drink voucher of $2 per hour, per child at time and date of stay only (snacks to be selected at time of arrival).
  • Total hours per day, per child
    – Ages 2 -3 years is 2 hours max. No exceptions.
    – Ages 4 -10 is 4 hours max. No exceptions.
    – This means the minimum number of hours is 1 to maximum of 4 hours per day based on ages listed above
  • Please bring a change of clothes and necessary pull-up diapers.

Activities your child may participate in at any given time may or may not be:

  • Crafts
  • Quiet play in dedicated drop-in room
  • Sensory play at sand table
  • Sport simulator
  • Imaginative play (play houses)
  • Toddler play area (age appropriate)
  • Main play structure (age appropriate)

This service is for the parent or caregiver that needs care for their child to do tasks that your child may or may not be able to attend such as:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Dental appointments
  • Counselling appointments
  • Spa day
  • Esthetics such as nail, eyelashes, hair appointments
  • Grocery shopping
  • Massage appointments
  • Sleeping and relaxing time at home
  • Water sports such as: boating, tubing, swimming, water skiing, knee boarding, etc.
  • Winter sports such as: snowmobiling, skiing, sledding, cross country skiing, etc.
  • Summer activities such as: quadding, dirt biking, hiking, fishing, etc.
  • Lunch dates
  • Emergency situations
  • Last minute plans

Things to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Snack if child is on special diet
  • Socks / shoes are not worn in the center
  • Change of clothes

Private Rental

Groups Over 10

If you have a large group such as a sports team, anniversary, birthday party, large camping group etc. and need a place to unwind after a great practice, tournament, want to celebrate in a clean and safe area for kids, need to get out of the HOT or COLD weather you have come to the right place. Our center is equipped for the young and the young at heart. There is something for everyone. Catering is available. No outside food or drink. Rental is 2-hour minimum. Please contact the center for availability and more information at (403) 864-0911 or at dropnhop.ca.

Imaginative Play Houses

Let your child explore our imaginative play houses playing in:

cafe house with our hotdog/ice cream cart and playing market;
doctor clinic testing blood pressure and listening to your heart being a doctor/nurse; and
firehouse being a fireman/woman with our fire trucks and fire station.

There are several toys to choose from to let your child’s imagination run wild!

Date Night

Date night is available Friday and Saturday nights from 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm. Let us give your family a break by keeping your child safe and having fun in our center while you take some time to reconnect with your spouse, friends, colleagues or a have “ME” night alone to recharge.
This 4-hour block of time was developed through our own experiences as parents. Ya know, 2 hours is just not enough time for a date! You need 4 hours for a wonderful sit down dinner or a casual dinner and a movie. We feel that parents/caregivers deserve a night out without being rushed.
Our date night activities include free play of the center including use of the sport simulators when available for the first 2 hours and the remaining 2 hours will be an age appropriate movie shown on one of our sport simulator screens for the BIG movie feel. And of course POPCORN is included in the price.
Please bring your children ready to play with their bellies full from having supper at home. Ages for date night are 6-12 years old.

$30 per child

Indoor Play Structure

Our indoor play structure is nearly 1000 sq.ft. of absolute fun! You enter the playground climbing the moon bumps to slide down the super slide to the obstacle course of peaks and a balance rope that ends at the ball pit; or continue through to the cave peaks and crawling under the mesh to enter the ball roll over to enter the tunnel that connects you to our second super slide to the exit at the ball pit once again. Children just love to climb and slide and jump into the ball pit continuously.

The color scheme of the play structure is blue, red, yellow, orange and purple. It is very inviting, well built by a Canadian Company and is kept clean daily to ensure safe play.

Interactive Sand Table

This is an activity that truly needs to be experienced. This is where your imagination can be what you want it to be. How it works is there is a sensor and a projector. The sensor will determine the height of the sand. There are several themes but to describe this I will use the Ocean Theme. When the sand is at a high point, it will look like a mountain with land creatures and when the sand is at a low point it will look like deep ocean and ocean creatures will appear. This is a very interactive activity.
The sand in the table is sensory sand. It is very calming and allows the child to use their imagination.
Beware that this is SAND and SAND can be messy. Please keep the sand in the table for others to enjoy. Our staff works diligently to keep the sand off the floor. Please be kind and inform the staff if your child has carried the sand to another location or made a pile of sand on the floor. We will rectify the situation promptly ๐Ÿ™‚.

Toddler Soft Play

Enter our colorful space for the 3 and under to enjoy. From crawling through or climbing and sitting on the multi-colored caterpillar to building a tower with the foam blocks your child can immerse themselves in play. The giraffe slide is just the right size for the littles along with the foam slide for beginners.

Come sit with your little and interact with them while they explore!


$ 90.00

*Punch cards offer 10 visits which can be used any day for any child and do not expire until all visits have been used. Not available for 6-18 months.

Pricing Prices does not include taxes.

What Parents Say

This is exactly what sylvan needed! I took my 6 month and 18 month old and they were entertained there for over an hour! The facility was very clean and the staff were so kind! I think I had more fun at the sensory table than them! Their favourite was the magnet wall for sure!!
I love how the sitting area still has full view of the play place so you can sit and still watch your kids play!!

-Kiara Larocque

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Holiday Hours

Drop โ€˜nโ€™ Hop will be open at its regular hours on all Statutory Holidays except for Christmas Day and New Yearโ€™s Day or unless otherwise stated!

Other Closures

For most day-to-day activities and closures, please refer to our Social Media pages.


Date Night is 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm every Friday and Saturday Night Rate: per child $30 per night Included with the rate: Playcenter access exclusive to the date night guests after 7.30 pm Age appropriate NETFLIX or Disney+ movie Snacks/Drinks available for purchase